Art Venture

Textile Constructions

Concert stage in membrane construction

supporting structure: 8 mm stainless steel round bars

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Concert Stage "ODEUM"

A mobile, roofed stage for events, presentations and fairs.

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Major advantages for your events

  • portable, therefore always ready for use
  • quick and easy to set up and take down
      (4 hours with 2 Personen!)
  • representative ambience and diverse uses
  • excellent acoustics

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The sophisticated technology of this novel design enables quick and trouble-free setup and take-down on location.

The tent itself consists of 42 stainless steel triangles sewn into the fabric. Setup and take-down will take a total of about 4 hours for two persons.
The alloy surround at the front is equipped with two cross beams for various lighting gear (max. load 400 kg).

The Plattform

A highly durable platform, covered in sealed, non-slip plywood, makes the base for a sure-footed performance.

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The individual platform elements consist of massive, zinc-coated steel frames that are interconnected during setup (storm anchoring optional).

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The spindle system makes for easy adjustment to
uneven ground with level differences of up to 40 cm.

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42 stainless steel triangles, made of round material, sewn into fabric


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The triangles are interlinked with quick connectors

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The junctures between the triangles are tightly covered with 100 mm wide, sewn-on fabric strips that are fastened to the neighbouring element --with velcro strips.

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Disassembled, ODEUM easily fits into a car trailer. The supported stowage plan enables compact stowage in standard trailers.

Technical Description

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  • Base: 25 sq m
  • Length: 4 m
  • Width: 8 m
  • Height (above platform): 4 m
  • Weight: 750 kg
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Stowage Space (disassembled):

  • Length: 3 m
  • Width: 1,5 m
  • Height: 2 m
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Further design in membrane construction (e.g. portable event meeting point)